Environmental & Social Governance

Since our original conception, it has been our aim to create an organisation that concerns itself with having an ever-evolving and mindful approach to our environmental and social responsibilities.

Environmental Responsibility

Sourcing: when making sourcing decisions, we choose environmentally-friendly suppliers as much as possible. We also assess key suppliers against a checklist, which includes questions relating to their own ESG practices.

Paperless: we save resources and energy by avoiding printing and the associated postage overheads, and we ask all suppliers to interact with us in this manner wherever possible. As well as environmental benefits, being paperless helps us streamline our organisation and aids efficiency.

Travel: whilst we acknowledge that travel can be a necessary part of our business for meeting with clients and candidates, we use alternative forms of communication such as video and teleconference technologies where possible.

Social Responsibility

We recognise that the way we operate our organisation has an impact on the wider world. From the way we hire and manage our own staff, through to the way we help our candidates find work and through to our impact on the local community and beyond, we commit to fairness and equal opportunity.

Diversity and Inclusion

From the moment a candidate engages with us, or with the organisations we work with, they need to feel that their differences are valued. Inclusion must start at the very beginning of the recruitment process and remain actively present throughout an individual’s career.

There are very clear moral and ethical reasons for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and there is a clear commercial value for businesses as well. Organisations that strive for diversity and inclusion, and do it well, have been found to significantly outperform those that do not.

Diverse input ensures innovation and richness of thought. Inclusion maintains, looks after and retains good talent.

We work closely with our candidates and clients to promote inclusivity from the outset in order to create great matches and fulfilling placements.


We commit to working in an environment free of bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination. We commit to promoting dignity and respect for all, where individual differences and the contributions of all staff are recognised and valued. We expect the same from the candidates and clients that we work with.

In all areas of our Environmental and Social Governance, we commit to constant improvement.