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We build a close rapport with both our candidates and the organisations we work with, to create strong and lasting matches between the two.

Permanent and Contract Recruitment

LK People partner with both client and candidate to carefully understand the position you are looking to fill or find. Permanent hires should be longstanding, so we focus on getting as much information from both parties to ensure a perfect match is made. Our thorough approach means candidates not only contribute to organisational success in the short term but are also driven to grow with your business into the future.

We apply the same, unparalleled attention to detail to contract projects as to our permanent hires. This ensures both client and candidate are happy for the full duration of the fixed term, whether that be a 3-month project or a longer 18-month maternity cover.

Temporary Recruitment

We pride ourselves on filling temp positions with the perfect candidate, fast! Whether you need cover for an unexpected absence, holiday cover, or a key hire for a specific period, our large pool of talent will provide the highest quality candidates with speed and efficiency.

We build long-term relationships with our candidates and by maintaining regular contact we track how their skills, experience and availability develop over time.

Payroll Solutions Service

Whether you’re looking to pay a summer intern or take on a candidate already known to your company but are unable to increase permanent headcount (or only need them for a shorter period of time) our Payroll Solutions Service means we can payroll candidates on your behalf. We ensure compliance whilst taking the complex and time-consuming administration off your workload.

Client benefits:

  • We manage all payroll administration (via weekly or monthly timesheets), processing of P45s, P46s and P11Ds, end-of-year returns, pension auto-enrolment, statutory holiday pay, and expense processing
  • Eligibility to work is logged onto our systems and visas are tracked
  • Preferential and highly cost-effective rates
  • Staff work on a temping basis allowing flexibility
  • We even manage future requests for tax information and work references


  • are paid in a legally compliant way, via weekly PAYE
  • have a personal point of contact for any queries or assistance
  • are given all necessary documentation for their/our records and a helpful handbook to explain how things like holiday pay work
  • are given friendly and helpful payroll support throughout the assignment
  • are still supported after the assignment completion as we manage all requests for tax information and work references